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Smoked chicken “scotch egg”

On plan , low calorie & carb !

These are SO yum !!!

As you know I have soooo many eggs from my mums chickens!.. so this was what I had planned with them this weekend!...

Smoked paprika chicken ,low carb & calorie scotch eggs !

4x eggs (264 calories )

400g 5% Turkey mince ( 456 calories & 0.8g carbs)

50g southern fried coating 120 calories & 9g carbs)

2x beaten eggs (100 calories.. but not all is used !)

Pinch salt

Pinch pepper

Pinch garlic

Smoked paprika to taste ( good sprinkle )

Mixed herbs


Boil eggs up & let cool & take shell off .

Mix 400g Turkey mince with seasoning & herbs ( mix well ..)

Divide up into 4x 100g balls

Flatten balls and cover an egg with them and seal .

Beat 2 eggs up ( with a whisk !)

Put 50g in a separate bowl

Dip balls in egg and then cover in coating

Then dip and cover again for a nice thick coating !

Spray with a bit of @frylighthq and pop in oven at 180 for 20-25 mins , turning once ...

940 calories & 9.8g carbs

So each egg is 235 calories & 2.4 g carbs !!!


I had to share as they taste yum !!!

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