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Slimmer selfies ! Side by side pictures I’ve taken along the way !

Hope you are all keeping well in these very trying and stressful times ! If you are wanting to distract yourself , I will be updating my blog this week with lots of tips, tricks & advice, as I thought it may help some people! Xx


As I normally do my face one Friday, so I thought I’d do Body ones too !!! from over the last 9 months ... more to do but i love Exante and everything about it ....And so happy I found it ! . ...

So I thought I’d share on here how much I do !

You are all so inspirational and have so much strength , I think it rubs off on us all and keeps us going ! ...From a size 26 to a size 12

(that was my last pair of jeans I brought from next ! I’ll take it just !) ....

( and now digging deep to get the last couple stone moving !!!!)

I will be posting lots of tips & tricks and recipes and A variety of things I have found helps along the way this week ! ...

As im In lockdown at home ( as we all probably are ) I thought it would be an ideal time to catch up and post everything I’ve wanted too the last couple of weeks ! Ive also got some videos that I will share that I have been putting on my IGTV channel on Instagram! ... at ....


if you want to check it out and follow on there too !!!

Hopefully I will have lots of new things added this week !! Take care



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