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Self care Sunday’s !!

I think it’s important to have a Few days like this when you can ! ..


I’ve just batched cooked and got some jelly made & dinner ready for later , So I’m quickly going to Re- do my nails !..


I’m absolutely loving doing these and learning lots of things and finding my inner girlie ..

It also has the added bonus of keeping me buisy !

( which always helps to stop me snacking !!)


It’s one of the tricks for me of staying on plan .. keeping busy !! .. I’ve found it’s quite theraputic .. whether it’s reading , exercise or artwork or even learning something new .. it really does help you !..


Just got to decide what colour to do !?!?..

( I think I need to get some more @myleebeautyofficial colours in !????... 🤔🤔.. I’m really wanting a red and a french manicure kit and ... well .. as many colours I can get my hands on !! 😂😜❤️)

Hope your all having a good day & taking some time for you ! Xx



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