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Self care matters !!

Find something to pamper yourself with , as you are worth it !..

Well ...

..A strange NSV I suppose but I really can’t recommend selfcare enough .. you have to love yourself ..

And I’m learning to .. And it’s making me smile, more & more ... so I wanted to share as I think it’s important to learn to love yourself again and take time on you .. it’s also important on our journeys to keep us focused and happy !


On my on going quest to become more girly ..( nearly 45 maybe a bit late but I’m going for it !!) .. I have now got a dressing table for the first time in my life and I’m learning makeup and hair and nails and girly things fast as I can .. And I’m having the time of my life .. I really am !( it’s also helping me to keep occupied and on plan so far !!)


Since losing over 10 st I’m finally finding the real me , the one I was ment to be .. I’m not hiding in the shadows anymore and I’m learning to love myself again.. I ’m making up for lost time and trying new things!


So tonight was a quick pamper with my @elemis over night matrix and the first time ever I have painted my nails myself ! As I couldn’t get to the salon were I had them done last time , my husband brought me a @myleebeautyofficial gel nail varnish set for Christmas and I’ve been learning how to do it ..I know I’m no professional.. and I will have to practice..but it’s made me very happy and I can’t wait to practice and experiment more ! I would love to do some nail art too if I can !!.. ( as you know how I love my art !!..) any tips and tricks on all things makeup , beauty or girly and that are always very welcome !


But I find that on this journey.. it’s not just weight I’m losing, or fitness I’m finding.. it’s a whole life that has been waiting for me !!


But , I really can’t believe that.. I DID MY OWN NAILS !!.. YAY ME !!


I really can’t stop smiling !!




Chase your happy !!

You really are worth it !

Don’t forget that I update my Instagram and your too !! ..


i have a back to basics bootcamp on my Instagram at the moment, if you want to join ! .. the more the merrier!!- we can do it together!!

here is link ..

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