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Same person, different outlook

Time to love yourself no matter what !..

Same place, same pose, but a happier me …

I haven’t done a #throwbackthursday for a while

As I’ve had a few really horrible months , with personal upsets and grieving , (the big curveballs life can throw , did, and they hit me full on in the face ! )and I’ve not wanted to take photos of myself really ,I’ve not been in the mood ,I gained a couple of pounds aswell , not many ,but in my mind it felt awful ..

But I’m now starting to get back to myself, slowly but surely.

And I’m still chasing my ultimate target and I’ll get there , I know ,as I’ve realised I have more determination than I ever thought & I’m on a journey, not a race .

But it’s got me thinking,We all get days where we just don’t “feel” right ,days were no matter how far we come , or how well we do , we just don’t feel good about ourselves, we all have down days .

But I realised, how much I’ve grown already , that I used to have years like that , not only days .. years where I used to hide away from the camera .. (there are very few photos of myself before I lost weight , believe me ,And don’t start me on about mirrors .. I did not even look in a mirror , I used to avoid making eye contact with myself at all costs .. )

So we have to celebrate ourselves, as we grow in more ways than just losing weight , and even the littlest of changes should be celebrated.. proud of ourselves even if it’s we just “feel” better about ourselves or our confidence has grown, or we just start smiling more, laughing more ..or we just like our reflection in the mirror.. or we just feel a little bit more happier.. we should celebrate..And we should be doing the biggest happy dance we can and remembering how far we have come .. And how Awesome we all are !


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