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Red pesto eggs

A great 200 calorie meal !


As I love to have eggs on a Sunday morning after a workout ❤️

Low calorie & carb !

I know I’m late to the game on pesto eggs ( I’m always late, lol ! 😂)

But I must say … This was a Blimmin tasty 200 calorie meal ! .. and so very filling !

All that’s used is …

2 x Tsp red pesto

2 x eggs

1 x base

10g @eatlean cheese

3 x cherry tomatoes

Few leaves spinach


And that’s it !!

And I really can’t explain how good this was !

In a frying pan spray with oil , add 2 teaspoons of pesto ( I used red for mine , but it’s your choice which one , red or green )

Crack 2 eggs and start to cook

Once halfway cooked add your extras ( I used a bit of @eatlean cheese a couple of cherry tomatoes and some spinach

Add seasoning

Cook on for bit more then add your wrap on top ( I used to keep calories down )

Then flip over onto plate and fold .. then briefly cook both sides to warm through and munch !

So so good !!!

Day 13 of the #losingit4summer challenge today , if your on it , so how is everyone doing ???

( if your not on it , it’s not too late to join in !… ITS NEVER TOO LATE !



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