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Rasberry ripple Icecream

Exantediet Packhack ( but you could use any meal replacement shake !)

@exantediet Raspberry ripple Icecream

As it’s warm , This was my Lunch today …


I’ve got lots of “Icecream” recipes and pack hacks in my highlights at top of page , if you want to take a look , but this is quite a quick one to do !

This morning, before I went to work , I Mixed @exantediet vanilla shake with 200ml no added sugar almond milk and 2tsp mousse mix and mix up to get light & really fluffy and “mouse like “ ( you can use gelatine if you wish )

I Put it on a freezable tray and I sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries and put @skinnyfoodco Rasberry ripple all over it …there is a little video on my reels ,if you want to see 👀👀👀👀

Once frozen , I used a icecream “scoop” to make into balls of gorgeous-ness…

And Bingo , when I got home

I had the most tasty Raspberry ripple Icecream that I’ve had in a long time !


And the only extra calories I added , were…

@alpro almond milk ( no added sugar)

34 calories & 1.1g carbs

2tsp mousse mix

34 calories

So .. only 268 calories for the whole Big bowl !!!

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