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Quick strawberry & cream mousse

This is gorgeous !

🍓Quick strawberry mousse 🍓

Last night in my live , I promised I’d share this one as it’s something to keep in fridge for “those” times in need !

This is another recipe using up what I have in the fridge .#fridgeforaging

As sometimes I have Greek yogurt to use up before it’s wasted !

This is so quick to do , no added sugar and very low in calories.

Full of protein too !

You mix 1x sachet of sugar free jelly with 200ml boiling water then add 250 g 0% Greek yogurt and whizz in blender until creamy .

Then pop in fridge to set for a couple of hours !

That’s it !

And it’s Blimmin lush !


I’ll pop recipe up in my fridgeforaging section in my highlights, of my Instagram there are lots on there !

😝… I really hate waste !

Do you like #fridgeforaging ??


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