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Protein Quiche

High in protein and lower carb than normal pastry

Protein Quiche...


I’ve been looking into some different pastry recipes for things ..

And this is one using @piurasuperfoods pea protein...

And actually it worked out well !!..


It’s for a large Quiche that I can get 8 big size pieces out of or 16 smaller...


100 g @asda gluten free rice flour ( you can use what you choose , but it’s what I had in ) (347 calories & 80g carbs)

50g @piurasuperfoods pea protein ( 190 calories & 0,5g carbs)

1x egg 50 g @grahamsthefamilydairy skyr yogurt 32 calories & 1.2 g carbs )

1/2 tsp garlic granuals

Splash milk ( if needed)

Combine altogether to get a “dough” and push down in a greased flan dish and cook at 170 for about 10-12 mins until cooked ..

I added the fillings of

6 x small eggs ( 330 calories)

25g @eatlean cheese spread (35 calories & 1g carbs)

30ml milk ( 15 calories & 1.4 g carbs)

50g grated @eatlean cheese ( 90 calories & 0.25g carbs )

80 calories of lean ham

50g cooked mushrooms ( 11 calories & 1.64g carbs)

Handful spinach (10g ish ) ( 2 calories & 0.3 g carbs) . ( as I love spinach!!)


Mix the egg and milk and cheese spread together then Put in cooked pastry case ontop of ham, mushrooms and cheese .. I Then cooked in oven at 160 until cooked cooked through (about 35 mins )

1112 calories & 85.9g carbs

So if I divide by 8


139 Calories & 10.6g carbs a slice ... 😘

YUM !!!


Top tip ... the “pastry dough” is crumbly before you cook so pressing it down into dish works better ..

And some seasoning in the “dough” as it gives some flavour & adds a nice touch ! Xx

I thought it was YUM !!!


I’ll pop it in my recipes in highlights on my Instagram & blog ... ❤️

Its been a manic couple days .but I’ll be answering & getting back to people once I’ve settled down and tomorrow!

ive got a @tiktok now too aswell as my Instagram.. be great to see you there too !!

have a fab weekend!!

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