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Protein Birthday cake

A recipe that can be used for special occasions!

Protein Birthday cake !

I’ve popped the video on a Reel , if you want to see ,which is in my stories on my Instagram


This recipe makes a two-layer @exantediet celebration cake. If you’d like to make a 4-layer birthday cake, just double the ingredients.

80g almond flour

2 x packs shake mix ( 100g ish )

2 tsp. baking powder

4 medium eggs

100g Coconut Oil (melted and slightly cooled)

50 g @nkdliving sweetener

2 -3 @exantediet vanilla flavour drops

2 tsp. milk

Decoration and filling-

50g @nkdliving powdered sweetener

1x 7oz packet @philadelphia_uki light cream cheese

1x tub @elmlea_ukie light cream

6 x drops @exantediet flavour drops

Pinch rainbow sprinkles

First, preheat your oven to 160°C or 140°C for fan-assisted.

Grease two 8” round cake tins with a little melted coconut oil and line with baking paper. To line the tins, firstly, cut a circle the same size as the base and place inside the tin after you’ve greased it.

Sieve the flour & baking powder into a mixing bowl& set aside

In a new mixing bowl, pour in the melted & cooled coconut oil and the granulated sweetener. Whisk the two ingredients together using an electric whisk .

Once the mixture looks light and creamy, add eggs mixing with the electric whisk for 10 seconds between each egg. Now add the vanilla & milk, & whisk for a few more seconds .

Now pour in the dry flour and protein mixture slowly, while whisking on a low speed.

Divide the mixture in the two tins and bake for 25 minutes. Check if the cake is ready, poke a skewer or knife into the centre – if it comes out clean, it’s ready. Allow the cakes to cool .

To make the frosting and decorate:

Whisk the cream cheese & powdered sugar in a mixing bowl using an electric whisk until creamy ,Whisk the Cream in a separate bowl until stiff , Add the cream cheese & mix until light & fluffy.

Decorate to munch !

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