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Positive thinking

I wanted to talk a little about this ...

Positive thinking !..

I’m Having a reflective day today ,As I didn’t have a great weekend , And I’m taking a bit of advice from myself!


#mondaymotivation .. And I’m talking about how losing weight can effect your mind as well as your body !!..


I have found that through my weight loss journey, I've experienced so many emotions....

From excitement as i started to see my body change, to disappointment when i hit a plateau, to impatience & anger at myself when I experience a lapse in commitment, and have a wobble ...

But I’ve learnt it’s important to learn how to stay as positive as you can during your whole journey ( in all its ups & downs , and there will be many, believe me !)

Not only for your state of mind, but for the ability to successfully get ever closer to your goal !

I don’t know about you , but if I didn’t stay positive, if I’d let that negativity creep in ..if I had an “off day “ & think about it too much , it could turn into an off week , just because I got annoyed with myself , and i didn’t just draw a line under it and carry on , I had self sabotaged myself instead !

But not now !!

Now, if I find myself thinking that i won’t reach my weight loss goals that week , because the scales aren’t shifting , or I’ve had a wobble , I’ll focus on measurements other than the scale , Or I’ll try clothes on to see if they fit a little differently or look at photos and compare them to see just how far I’ve come !

Don’t let those pesky wobbles beat you !... When you need an extra boost of motivation, use every tool you can to keep yourself motivated!

And we must learn to #bekind to ourselves and smile because we are doing amazing things and no matter what ,we must remember how AWESOME we are ❤️


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