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Playing dressup !!! (In the clothes I first wore) ( it was fun to do !!)

Well I thought it would be fun to take some more pictures, but this time with me in the very first clothes I wore in my first Exante photos I did all those months ago !

As sometimes as I’ve said before, it can give you that extra boost you need when you feel low . (Like we all do sometimes) And it did ! ... it worked... it cheered me up, when I needed it the most !

And got me focused again.

As sometimes we all need that extra boost to help us, we are only human and sometimes you just have those days like I've said before. This I find is a really good way to get out of that funk. I really do recommend this as something you should do.

If you notice the scales not moving, or you have it a bit of a plateau, it can seriously help you and your mood. Trust me !!!

It definitely sorted me out ! we got this ! kate


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