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Pizza on plan

Thought I’d show how I make these again , as I have had people ask how I do them …

Exante pizza with toppings..

I do love having these , and what I normally do , is I add my 200 calories to it , so it’s kind of like 2 in 1 .. and it’s very filling and satisfying!..

As video shows , I make the dough with slightly less water than it says on pack ( add it slowly so you don’t get it too wet )

Then I roll it between 2 sheets of grease proof paper ( I use cake baking parchment circles)

Pop a very small amount of flour ( or some of the dry mix) to one of them , pop ball of dough on then the other circle on top , then roll the ball of dough until flat and in the shape you want .

Then peel the piece off that had the flour on ( as it’s easier ) then put the dough “face side down “ in a hot pan ..( so paper is at top .. then you will see the parchment bubble and you can peel away easily.. then flip over for 30 seconds , just to brown..

put toppings of choice

( I weigh out just shy of 200 cal of ham, light mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and add basil ) then cook in oven at 200 until browned ..

So it’s a 400 calorie meal

Yum !!

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