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Overnight Weetabix cheesecake pot

Layers and layers ..

Triple chocolate layered Protein cheesecake

All the flavours … none of the guilt !

I love the @weetabixofficial cheesecake so much , I did a triple layered one !

…using @skinnyfoodco @weetabixofficial & @fage_uk

150g fage - 79 calories & 4.5g carbs

3x Tsp @skinnyfoodco chocoholic spread ( one Tsp of each flavour I had ) 75 ish calories

2 x Weetabix 136 calories & 26g carbs

80ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 14 calories & 0.4g carbs

Crush the Weetabix up and mix with 80 ml no added sugar almond milk

And mix the 3 x lots of 50g @fage_uk @fage with each of the @skinnyfoodco chocoholic spreads..

Once mixed , layer up in jar & chill for couple hours ..

I’ll pop the recipe in my highlights with the others ..

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