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On plan burger in a bun !

Yum !

Ohhh Myyyyyyy !!!!!

That ooze !!!

Hope everyone is have a lovely weekend !

I’m having an ‘egg’ for breakfast today ( I’m being good and it’s not chocolate ...yet lol!)

Avacado , bacon, mushroom & egg Burger for Breakfast today !!


#happyeaster I’ve been wanting this awhile !!

And Today was the day !..

My #eastersunday breakfast ..


I used a muffin tray to cook individual “burgers” I cooked 25g 5% lean mince in each one ( 38 calories) , then once nearly cooked, I drained any fat , then layered with some chopped cooked mushrooms( one on each (10 calories), chopped cook bacon (1/2 slice in each 30 calories ) and cracked a small Egg ( 54 calories & 0.2g carbs ) on top and put back in oven until cooked ..

In the meantime I halved a small (50g avacado ( 80 calories & 4g carbs ) and de-stoned it .

Put cooked “burger” on top and sprinkled a pinch of chia seeds on top ...

And got a very very tasty “fakeaway “burger” for my #breakfast



So it was 212 calories &. 4.2g Carbs all in ! X ...




.Hope everyone has the most AMAZING day ! Xx

... I’ve got a day of eating slightly more than normal today ( as I’m having a low carb & calorie roast dinner and some of my homemade #easteregg but I’m still being mindful of carbs and calories!.. ( I think that we still have to live life , just be mindful)

Then tomorrow , Bring on a new week , new focus & new goals !

.... We got this ! 💪

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