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OMG......I got 8st off !!! (I only gone and done it!... in time for my Birthday!!)

Well, I’ve been wanting to get to the 8st off marker in time for my Birthday... and really ,really ,really hoping that I’d get it ...( as my weight has plateaued a bit recently) and I can now officially say I’ve done it !!!

YAY!!!! To say I’m on cloud 9 , is an understatement !!! .....

I said That I’d weigh today after my travels this week ......

so my starting weight was 22st 6.5lb

Today I’m ..............14st 6.5lb !!!!!!!!!

I only went & got it , I could actually cry with happiness ( ...and I’ll admit .....I did a little bit !!!)

I’m a wee bit emotional! I still have More work to do ... but ...

8st is Gone forever !!!!!

I’ll be Happy Dancing ALL WEEKEND!!

Im off plan today & tomorrow for my 44th birthday, ( which is on Monday) , and I was a little bit worried about it , but I’ve decided that I’ll enjoy the 2 days and then get straight back on , ... hopefully the damage won’t be too bad , and I’ll resume to getting back on track after !!!!

Stay strong & have a Great day , and be kind to yourselves, we are giving the most fabulous gift we can give to ourselves, we are improving our health & happiness,

..we have all got this !!!!


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