NEW vegan bars at Exantediet!!

I had to share this , as if you are on Exantediet.. you will want to know !!!

Ooh .. ooh ..ooohh !!

This is VERY EXCITING!!!..

@exantediet have done it again !!

I Always think that they couldn’t amaze me anymore .. & then they go & do it again !!..

!!! NEW IN !!!


( 👉 swipe to see the gorgeous - ness !! )

AND all I can say is ....

OMG !!!


I have tried Every @exantediet bar there is to taste since being on my journey , as you know , I’m a bit of a chocolate loving girl ... and I have my favourites.. and I can actually say my Number 1 favourite , has just been knocked off the top spot !!!

These are AMAZING !!


I don’t know what magic has been used to make these ( maybe they have employed a magician in their kitchen of yummminess 🤣😜🤣😜🤤!! ?!?)

.. But they really are so chocolatey and rich and smooth..

A tasty layered bar, covered in dark chocolate flavour with a fruit flavour layer –

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry flavour,


Dark Chocolate & Orange Flavour.

I’ve had half of each to try .. and Hubster had other halves ..

And I’ll be fighting him for the others !!

Both are gorgeous..

But for me .. The chocolate & Raspberry have just sent me on a taste sensation!!...

... Soft & crispy bars covered in a dark chocolate and they have a deliciously fruity flavour gooey layer underneath!!!

Of course they are High in protein, high in fibre, with the 27 vitamins & minerals that you come to know with @exantediet & these ones are plant based !


My code will not be valid on these products yet , but you can still use it to get 35% off,other items!

Just enter KATE35 at checkout, my link is here



or my linktree with my blog and Instagram links are here ...


Hope you all have a fantastic day!



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