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New slender sip flavour !

I do like to use these sometimes to help keep you full xx

A few people have messaged me , so I I thought I’d share this info ...

it’s about the slender sips from Exantediet.. I find that occasionally they can help ❤️.. they do me , occasionally I will have them x

ive used the cherry ones for a while , so this is an exciting new flavour too !

New Slender Sip flavour, Raspberry lemonade ! ‘

Slender Sips contain the natural fibre glucomannan which turns into a gel-like substance, reducing the amount of space in your tummy for food. Making you feel fuller for longer! It also comes in Cherry & Blackcurrant flavour ✨Low sugar ✨1g of glucomannan ✨Contains real cherry juice ✨Fat free ✨Each drink is only 12 calories ✨Vegan friendly You can use the code

My code works with these already , if you want to use !

Just enter KATE35 for 35% off your order!💕

Hope everyone is well ,

I’m going to try and start my lives soon .. ( it’s been crazy here , so I’ve not had time , but I’m making time next week !! ..

Hope you all Have a fantastic day !

And don’t forget I’ve my Instagram and other bits too ( links below ..)



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Kate ❤️

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