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New shake Alert !!

Something new to try !!..

Well this is an Exciting day !!!....


And I had to have one today !!..

( I actually got 2 of these glasses full !! 😋😋😋!)


New in the @exantediet range .. and absolutely LUSH !!!...

The New juiced range is low sugar and come in 4 different flavours!!.. They also come in a 10 serving size tub .. For meal replacements , full of fibre and protein with the 27 vitamins & minerals too !! ..

A lovely clear Whey protein drink !! ..


I tried the Peach & mango today at 203 calories and 13g carbs a serving.. and mixed mine in a blender and got a creamy froth ontop too !!.. just like a cocktail!!.. It was Gorgeous, juicy , thirst quenching and zingy and zesty ... and this one really was like a fruit cocktail!!) I could almost imagine being in a tropical paradise!!) - oh how we all wish we were !? !!! 😜❤️


@exantediet .. These are AMAZING!!!... and I love that you keep bringing new things out to keep us going !!..

I can’t wait to try the other flavours now !!!


.They come in

Peach & mango

Cranberry & pomegranate

Apple & pear



My Discount code won’t work on these until the 27th .. but I’ve still got my 35% discount code for all other items!.. just use KATE35 at checkout!!


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