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And my new basic recipe for a mug cake!!

Love is in the Air !!!...

This is the NEW limited edition flavour from @exantediet . And it’s really lush !!..

Give me a chocolate brownie anyday and I’ll be happy !!..

Add Raspberries and I WILL love you for it !! 😍❤️❤️

And I had to try it out on MY NEW MUG CAKE recipe ,(as I’ve been trying to perfect it for all the @exantediet packs .. because I LOVE a Mug cake )

.. And there is so many flavour @exantediet shakes to play with !..

The New flavour contains….

❤️Real raspberry & cocoa powder

❤️27 vitamins & minerals

❤️High in fibre

❤️High in protein


So I made a gooey mug cake out of it !

1/2 packet ( 25 g ) @exantediet Rasberry brownie shake ( 100 calories & 8g carbs)

10 g oatbran ( 36 calories & 5.7g carbs)

50ml unsweetened almond milk ( or your preference) ( 9 calories & 0.3g carbs)

1/2 whisked egg (25ml )( 26 calories )

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp xanthan gum

All for only 171 calories & 14 g carb

For the basic mix !!..

Optional extras

1 tsp @sweetfreedom choc shot ( 13 calories & 2.2g carbs )

4 x raspberries ( 5 calories & 1.1g carbs )

Tbsps light cream ( 29 calories & 0.5g carbs)

So my mug cake here , with the gooey center and raspberries and cream & all the added extras was a total of

218 calories & 17.8g carbs !!!!!!


Mix all together in a bowl ( adding xanthan gum last and put in microwaveable mug for about 1 min 30 in total .. keep checking every 30 seconds to see if cooked ..)

❤️...If you’re wanting a melt in the middle mug cake , like I did , then put half mixture in mug , then the chocolate shot center then pop other half mixture on top then cook ...

Yum !!!

My Valentine’s Day yumminess is sorted !!..


My code KATE35 isn’t valid on these yet , but is still valid on other items on site !

links to that and my Instagram in here !( Ive other recipes on there too !!)


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