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New clothes for the new me ! (I didn’t realise clothes shopping could be fun !!)

Well, what can I say !..

After the clothing Meltdown I had the other night !...( believe me it was epic ! )

I decided to go into the city centre and try some clothes on ... just to see what size I was and to remind myself of how far I had come!

So first of all I had to get measured for a bra that fitted properly !...

I was dreading this,as I had been quite busty before my diet and I felt like they had got lost in the fight to loose weight and I was convinced that I was going to have none left !....

But Hooorah !!!! The lovely lady in John Lewis totally made me smile ... it turned out that my bra was doing absolutely nothing to help with the situation ( my boobs had just drifted south a little bit) and I actually still had a fair pair left ! Lol xx Once they were hoisted into place & back were they belonged, and feeling great .. I Went to tackle the next bit !

I had been wearing things just because I could get away with it , baggy or not , for a while and as I hadn’t really brought anything for a while ... I really didn’t know what sizes I was in certain shops ... so I took a deep breath and thought I’d better find out .... ( gulp !)

So off I went .... Not at all happy, as I hated clothes shopping as I always felt stressed and anxious, and always depressed as nothing fitted , or even looked good!

Just the changing rooms used to be a nightmare, as I always felt they were too small!

Well I went into the first shop and drifted towards the biggest sizes possible.. ( as that’s what I used to do ) and luckily my husband steered me in the other direction...- I keep forgetting that I’m not a size 24/26 anymore!!

I Picked up a few items , and went to the changing rooms , (which are actually quite roomey now!) to see where I stood’s obviously been such a long time since even doing that, as when I kept dashing to the entrance of the changing rooms, to show my husband , I got told by a very kind lady that my husband could take a seat in the changing rooms , so it’s easier !..( because that’s a thing now ! ) - Lol who knew !?!?

Well my grin was getting bigger and bigger because I was fitting into clothes that I don’t think I would have even back in my college days ! ( and that’s some time ago now !)

Ive still got a way to go on my journey, but the fact that I can actually buy items in high street shops and enjoy shopping at the same time has made my week, month or even year ! Xx

So after much trying on ... in quite a few shops ... I’ve got a sense of real excitement at the thought of going shopping next time !!

So don’t get down or depressed like I did , go and get yourself some proper fitting clothes (.....and even something slightly smaller like I did to make you work towards it !!) it can make you feel a million dollars!... and can give you that extra boost you need to carry on your journey! Xxx

I better start saving Up !!!!



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