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Naked Bolognese (Not naughty but Nice ! )

Saturday nights used to mean a special meal for my hubby and I, either takeaway or a meal I cooked.

As I used to work in restaurant I’d go all out to please, to have great taste but not take too much notice of calories .... but right now whilst being on Exante, I’m sticking to plan, so I need tasty but low in cals & carbs .

My husband is very supportive so he Also wanted what I was having xx Today I decided to Cook my own Spaghetti Bolognese using Turkey mince along with using the Bare Naked Noodles.... (which I’m learning are amazing and Suprisingly versatile.)

So here is my “Naked Bolognese“ that my husband and I just ate! Xx -And he thoughly enjoyed too!

500g 2% lean Turkey mince 456 Kcals

200g mushrooms 44 kcals

5 Tablespoons passata (100g). 32 Kcals

1 packet Bare Naked Noodles 44 kcals

1 beef stock cube 18 Kcals

1 litre water (can use more if wish) Dried Basil

Teaspoon Mixed herbs

2 teaspoons Garlic granuals

Squirt Spray light

pinch chilli pepper to taste

carbs were about 9g (but just check yours as you go! Xx)

Weigh out all ingredients

Spray fry light in pan and fry mince till browned, add chopped mushrooms, Add herbs and spices and tomato passata then disolve stock cube in water and add slowly to desired consistency, simmer till cooked , in the meantime rinse bare naked noodles in sieve ( it gets rid of fish smell ) and drain then add to pan . Stir , and serve !

I got 3 fair size portions for me and hubby - but obviously divide the finished recipe by how many portions you want or get out of it .... x

So my dinner was just under 200kcals (so i added a teaspoon of Parmesan!) YUM!

Kate x

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