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My Videos on YOUTUBE

Thought I’d share my latest on there as some don’t have Instagram !

...there are lots on there that are about various things !

And it Would be great if you subscribe!( I’ve been told that’s what you should ask !! 🤣🤣😜.. I’m old and learning!!) and need all the help I can get !!


But it’s A little catch up on my continued journey on @exantediet & striving to get fitter & healthier and that I’m still determined to get to my final goal of -11st off in total !... I plugged my @strava on and I natter about what I’ve been doing ( or should of been doing ) during the last few months & talking about motivation and goals and how I’m dealing with anxiety and stress ..

I thought I’d share incase it can help others going through the same !..




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