My top up delivery

And how I’m doing …

Right ,

I’ve rolled my sleeves up !…

I don’t know about you , but I’ve been messing about a bit the last few weeks ….and been on & off & on & off plan again .. not gaining but not losing .. just kind of simmering away in the background, wasting time , and I’ve told myself, it’s not good enough 🤪.., I’ve had different things interrupting me and I’ve felt like there were more things to worry about in the world ..

But , time is whizzing past and I need to crack on & get on with it !!!

So …..

No more dilly dallying about !

Time to re- focus 100% and go find my #happy ..

It is still there .. it’s just hiding! 🤪

So I’m taking a deep breath and digging deep …

Again ..🤪

It’s time to kick my own bottom ! …

So This is my top up delivery for @exantediet , a few new things in , it should see me through !…

So here it goes … 2 months of staying focused, happy & on plan !

And not using anything as an excuse …

Let’s do this !

So … I’ll start doing my lives again , if you want to join in !..

I’ve got a poll up to see if a different day would be better as a lot of people said Friday was tricky .. so it looks like it could be on a Wednesday from now on .. I’ll keep you posted and put a reminder up !..

I love to do them and it really keeps me focused.. be good to see you there !

It Lots of likeminded people on their own journeys, having a natter & giving advice and tips to stay on plan .. no matter what plan your on ! …

….As we are all in this together ❤️

Don’t forget I’ve got my discount code for @exantediet it will get you 35% off most things site wide and an extra 10% off boxed plans ..

Just enter KATE35 at checkout anytime you like !

Here is the direct link if you want it ..


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