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My saviour at the coffee shop ! You can still have a fancy piece when you go,just take your own!

(and I’m talking about the

I like to go to the local Garden center for a fly cup (tea & cake) of a weekend, every now & then.....And I haven’t stoped going just because I’m on Exante !

I just go prepared ....

Its become a regular thing, that when me and my hubby go we have a coffee and cake ( we used to both have a strawberry scone...) But now he has his , and so I don’t miss out , I have my version ! An Exante strawberry jam bar .. and I don’t feel like I’m left out at all ! ( sometimes I’ll change it, if I’m running low on bars , but generally it’s my coffee shop bar !)

So I still get to go to the garden centre and have a mooch about , I just don’t pile on all the calories! X

I like the ease of how the bars can be carried around and used when needed!.and the fact that I love them all is a bonus!!.. makes it easier to carry on with life around your diet !

That reminds me !.... I NEED to order some more bars ! X



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