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My Discount code with Exantediet..

ive shared this before, but I’ve been asked for it again ..

After losing weight on @exantediet , I was lucky enough last year to be slimmed of the season ( it was the only one last year in the end because of COVID !.. lol does that make it the year !?!?🤣🤣🤣😜..)

Anyway !...

I was asked to be an Ambassador for Exantediet..

And I accepted, as I know how amazing there products are and that they really can help you achieve there goals ..

As you know Im always still using the products.. and I Packhack with them too , alongside a healthy diet & other healthy bits and bobs I come across along the way ..


And I’m lucky enough to have a discount code , that I can share with my followers..

It gives you 35% off site wide & 10% off boxed plans ( on special days it gives more ) .. and it’s always there for you to use !..

But I’m as you know , I’ve used Exantediet to lose all of my 10 st weight and I’m a true believer in the company xx


my link to it is on my linktree below ( amongst others , and when you click on the Exante link & type in KATE35 at the checkout.. it sorts the discount out for you ! ( same as other bits and bobs on there to !..


Or here is my Link to the exante site ..


I thought I’d share as people have messaged,

hope you have a fantastic day !

ive got some great new recipes going up this weekend too !!

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