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Mushroom breakfast wrap

So tasty !!

Mushroom breakfast wrap ….

Hello ! ….

Hope your all good ?

I thought I’d share as This was AMAZING!!..

And a perfect #sunday brunch for me!

I’ve done the spinach wrap before, and I loved it as a way of lowering the calories & carbs ..

-recipe for that is in my grid ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

But today I made a wrap with mushrooms!….

It was really good !..

I had lots of mushrooms to use up ( and you know I hate waste) so I have it a try !

I whizzed up 2 small eggs and 100g mushrooms in my blender, and cooked it on both sides ( like a pancake / wrap , until firm ) in a greased pan ( I used @frylighthq ) cook on one side until firm , then flip over to finish …

You have to cook on a medium to low heat as the mushrooms have a bit more moisture, so cook for a little longer to make firm ..)

But that was it !…

I filled with some lean @aldiuk ham , 2x cooked cocktail sausages , some @eatlean tasty cheese and a couple of cherry tomatoes.. then added a squirt of @skinnyfoodco garlic ketchup!

So good …..

I’m going to have a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a nice long walk on my @nordictrack_uk this morning….

I’m really trying my hardest to get my bum moving !…

What’s your plans today ?

recipe with video is on my Instagram xx


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