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Mint chocolate cookie (Slowly turning into yet another favourite!..)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Well it was just one of those Days today , you know the ones....were everything seems that little bit harder than normal, ,were it seems to be going wrong , were it’s just not your day !!!....

Today was one of those !... It had got to the time that I normaly have my first meal replacement , and I wasn’t home , I’d been held up and running late ... shock horror .. I thought I was going to have to improvise ( which I know I can , but I prefer to have my products , as I plan them ahead ....) And I found this Beautiful sight in my bag ... I was more organised than normal! I had remembered to replenish my emergency stash in my handbag .. And it was Gorgeous! - not just because I didn’t have to buy some chicken or ham ( which I like anyway ) but because They are absolutely scrumptious!... Big , fat , moist and minty .... I’d forgotten how lovely they were ....

So the little bit of sunshine in my day today , was finding this at the bottom of my bag ,...

if you haven’t tried them , and you like the famous chocolate that you have afte 8pm ... ;-) then you really do have to try them ! Xxxx

And an emergency stash in your car or your handbag can brighten your day !!!

kate xx

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ONZg I do that too! We’re so alike. I stash a Chocolate Caramel Crisp in my bag and a Cookies n Cream bar in my desk at work - just in case 😄

Me gusta
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