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Midweek motivation for myself !!

I needed to dig down deep again !!

Midweek motivation ..

Telling myself to go for it and get to my goal !!..

Slowly Getting stronger ....

So Don’t give up !!!...

It will be 2 years this Saturday that I started to find myself and started my journey with @exantediet , healthy eating & actually going inside a gym !!..

I’m just over 10st down and I’ve got 1 more stone to go & toning up to do !!..

( this last stone has been a pesky one , but lockdown didn’t work for me 🙄😜 mojo was fluctuating , as was my mood !! Lol )

But now I’m back in the gym and trying my best !..

The journey has had its ups & downs , but it has been an adventure..

I’ve gone from being very unhealthy, not mobile at all , not being able to walk upstairs without getting out of breath and thinking I had a heart problem, and I was hiding away from life , getting old before my time ..

To feeling stronger and happier every day !

And look at me !?..

I LOVE the gym !! ..

Who knew !?!?...

I never thought in a million years , that that would happen!!!

I’m trying my best & have some wobbly bits , BUT ..I’m a work in progress .. And I’m loving the journey and I’m loving slowly meeting the new me ! ..

So Don’t give up , keep fighting..

We all deserve to be happy !


im catching up with the messages! I promise xxx

Remember my DM’s are always open ! Xxx

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