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Making a shake into a mousse

I love to do these as they are filling and I love the texture

Mmmmm ...



I love mango !!...

I just couldn’t resist!...

I had too !

I really couldn’t stop myself!!


And I don’t regret a thing ! Lol 😜

Just added some Gelatine to it & Voila !!



You can make these with any flavour shake pack or juiced you like to. ..

It really works

well !

I added 1 sachet of gelatine( you could use vegi gel ) to 500 ml hot water and stirred until dissolved then added the juiced !.. popped in fridge and set !


Nice & easy and changes it up a wee bit ! Xx

Very tasty indeed !

Very filling and the only extra was the gelatine ! #winning ! ❤️🍑🍑🍑


Had it for my Brunch when I got home !

Hope your all fantastic ☺️❤️❤️


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