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Making a mug cake out of the products

( either Exante ones or your own choice )

Well ...

I had to have another play , to show my Hubster that sometimes if you want to change something up on @exantediet .. you can ! (As We all have different tastes)

I tried to keep calories & carbs as low as I could , so I only used 25g of shake mix in each recipe with 10g Almond flour ( to get the right texture) 1 egg and a bit of melted butter ..

And voila .. 3 very different tasting melt in the middle puddings.

I added 5g @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread in the chocolate one

I added 5g @skinnyfoodco jams in each of the @exantediet juiced ones

The juiced ones taste zingy like a sherbet almost and the chocolate one is a traditional flavour.. served with @skinnyfoodco custard..

So each pudding was between 223 calories &9.5g carbs and 250 calories &13 ish g carbs depending on which one you have !

Yum !


All made in roughly same way !


I used an old Christmas pudding container but a large mug would work too !



Mix 1x tablespoon of unsweetened Almond milk with one egg

Add 25 g @exantediet shake mix (half a shake packet or 1 x scoop of juiced ) (or your choice of protein shake ) and mix well , I use a fork or small whisk to get rid of lumps )

Add melted butter and whisk again .

If your adding a middle ( jam or chocolate) pop it on center of mix and gentle cover with bit of batter mix

Pop in Microwave for 45 sec and then keep checking until all wetness nearly gone

.( mine took 95 seconds in total but check yours depending on mug/ container..)

Serve & munch !!...


I’ll pop this recipe in highlights as normal and don’t forget to look at all the others I’ve done though out the last 19 months too !!.. ( there are lots, on here and on my Instagram 😜😜)


Really hope you like !


Dont forget I’ve got my KATE35 discount code that can be used onn these and other ones in my linktree!!..


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