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Make mine a cheeseburger

(Fakeaway Night )

I found the Heck burgers in my local supermarket and I had to try them ... really fancied a burger and with chips would be great !!....

so here is my version.. cheeseburger with mushrooms and salad garnish with celeriac chips !

I must say for a 200 kcal meal I was very impressed.. and it definitely hit the spot ! Xx

Kcals. Carb

Heck burger 129 kcals 50g mushrooms 11 kcals

1xslice low fat cheese slice. 40 Kcals 1.1 50g cooked celeriac chips 30 Kcals. 1.2

Blob skinny sauce mayo

salad garnish 20

little gem leaves for pretend bun

230 Kcals. 2.3

( Rough estimate of salad as it was only a handful)

Cooked the Heck Burger in frying pan with fry light ( but you can grill) along with a sliced mushroom.

Chopped celeriac into chips ( i got about 600g ) so I parboiled them , and just cooked 50g worth for me and going to freeze in batches to use when I need ..

Sprayed with fry light and added seasoning then backed in oven until golden brown .

layered up burger in little gem leaves and Demolished....

The chips had a very subtle celery taste , but were absolutely gorgeous and had the texture of homemade chips ... very impressed! X And the heck burger... well I’ll be buying them in for stocking up my freezer !!!! - and I’ll be making my own verse to try out soon !




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