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Low carb wrap

I wish I’d tried this sooner !!

Low calorie & low carb salad wrap ..

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while ….

And today was the day !

I’ve had a bit of a strange week , …not quite knuckling down to my plan quite as much as I’d hoped !..

Mind is on many other things ..

As we all know … it happens!..

So I decided to make this today , so it wasn’t too naughty, but satisfied me & what I wanted ..

So I kept it low carb and low calorie too !..

Even tho I was late to the game to try it , I’m glad I did …

It really is worth doing !

So Thankyou to all that have shown them !

I just whizzed up 2 eggs & a handful of spinach and cooked both sides on a pan using a squirt of @frylighthq .. then filled with @aldiuk chicken slices & some cucumber & tomato with a drizzle of light Mayo and seasoned..

Have a good day today & I’m hoping to see you on Fridays on my fb or Instagram at 6pm for the lives I’m doing … ( if your still up for it ? )

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