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Low carb tacos ??

These were really good !!!

Low carb taco shells with homemade Turkey taco meat,guacamole & salad


Thought I’d share this , as me & the Hubster had tacos the other night and it’s a good #fakeaway Friday meal to have with your family, whilst still being mindful of what you eat yourself 💪

Cook lean mince or Turkey mince ( I use lean Turkey mince from @aldiuk ) with mushrooms, red onions, taco seasoning, chopped tomatoes in a pan .

Meanwhile make your quick guacamole, by blitzing avocados, chilli flakes, lemon juice in a blender and top with a few more chilli flakes and put in airtight container.

Then while the taco meat still simmering, make a fresh bowl of salad .


Then cook your cheesy taco shells.


These were so good !

And quite easy to do !

Cook cheese in a “circle shape “ both sides in a pan ,let cool slightly before you handle it .

I used 20g of @arladairyuk cheese from @costco_uk for one taco shell ….

So one taco shell was 82 calories ….

So could be less if you use a lighter cheese …

…..carefully put your “round cooked cheese “ over a wooden spoon handle for a couple of minutes to cool .

Then take “shell” off & repeat until you have your shells done ..

Put all together & munch !!

I haven’t got exact calories, as I was making it with all the bits I had to use up as I’m on the shake only challenge next week ..

I had 400 calories to eat & I only had 2 , so it should be good …& they were absolutely lush ! xx

Very low carb & lower calories for the meat bit xx

Just an idea for a lower carb version of a #tacotuesday or #tacofriday ,that will fit in with your plan & your family will love too !

*I froze a few portions of the taco meat down to get out when I want to use ,the guacamole keeps a while in the fridge #cheese “taco’s” will keep a couple days in an airtight container, but they quite quickly to make fresh.

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