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Low carb Lasagne …

This was lush !

Turkey Lasagne #ketostyle !


Look at this !!l


I thought I’d make a big #keto friendly Lasagne to portion up an freeze so I have some ready meals to use when I need !..

And it’s the first time of me using @eat_water #slimpasta lasagna sheets …

I hadn’t tried them before but they were absolutely fantastic!, I wished I’d tried sooner !

I layered the lasagna just like I would of normally and it worked a treat !

And I got 6 x portions using 2 x packets..

It was very tasty indeed !!


6 portions at 185 calories & 4.9g carbs each

500g @aldiuk 2% Turkey mince ( 580 calories & 2g carbs)

2x packets of @eat_water lasagna sheets washed and drained ( 36 calories )

100g chopped mushrooms ( 22 calories & 3.2g carbs )

1/2 onion ( 23 calories & 5.5g carbs )

10 cherry tomatoes (31 calories & 6.6g carbs)

2 x tablespoons tomato purée (11.8 calories & 2.8 g carbs )

1x chicken stock cube ( 30 calories & 2g carbs )

10g @eatlean protein cheese shaker (like Parmesan) ( 31 calories)

100ml @waitrose half fat creme fresh ( 166 calories & 5.8 g carbs )

100 ml @alpro no sugar almond milk ( 13 calories)

100g @eatlean grated cheese ( split between cheese sauce & topping ) ( 172 calories & 1.9g carbs

1x tablespoon crushed garlic

1/2 tsp paprika

1 teaspoon basil

Pinch salt

Pinch pepper to taste

Some homemade radish pesto to top !

So I cooked the mince, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes in a pan with the garlic, paprika, mixed herbs and salt & pepper ( season more to taste if you like !)

I added the cherry tomatoes, tomato purée and chicken stock , and let simmer for 10 minutes until cooked .

In the meantime I washed & drained the @eat_water lasagne sheets ..

And I made the cheese sauce using the creme fresh , milk , salt & pepper and half the @eatlean cheese ,then I layered up in the dish ..meat , sauce , lasagna,meat ,sauce ,lasagna on top and top with the last of the cheese sauce , sprinkle a wee bit more @eatlean cheese& the @eatlean shaker ( or Parmesan ) and a tsp homemade pesto

Pop in oven at 180 until cooked and brown & bubbling ..

So One for #dinner tonight, and the rest to freeze !


Worth a save for later !!

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