Low carb fish ‘n’ chips

This was a winner with the Hubster the other night !!

#fridaynight fish n chips !! ..

@lodough.co style !!..

This was my early tea !...

I do love how versatile @lodough.co is !... and I’m so happy I never have to miss out on a fish & chip supper !!

I just blitzed a piece of @lodough.co and put it on a plate , whisked an egg for the wash .

In the meantime I’ve cut some celeriac chips and par boiled them and drained and covered in some paprika & garlic seasoning.. and put them into cook ( Airfryer or oven at about 170 ( watch as they can burn quick )

Whilst cooking , dip fish in egg wash and coat in @lodough.co “breadcrumbs “ .. and pat down ( I quickly fried mine off each side in hot pan with a tablespoon of oil to help bread crumbs stick , then after getting chips out , and keeping them warm in oven , I put in fish in my @ninjakitchenuk Airfryer at 180 until cooked ( 15 mins ). But you can cook in oven !

To use my celeriac , and leftover @lodough.co breadcrumbs up I also made some crisps and some fritters that I’ll show soon !! Xx


Served with low calorie tomato sauce and homemade low calorie tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon !!

Hope you like !!

140g haddock (110 calories ), half a @lodough.co base blitzed (19 calories & 1.1g carbs ), eggwash ( 25 calories) ,50g celeriac (21 & 4.6g carbs )


I used some oil for quick frying both sides so I reckon 50 calories for what I used as it did both pieces of fish .. then completed cooking in the @ninjakitchenuk Airfryer!!..


207 calories & 5.7 g carbs and then I used @skinnyfoodco sauces ( I made the tartare sauce with @skinnyfoodco Mayo & capers .. yum !!


I’ll pop in my highlights with all my other on plan recipes if you want to see !

Have a fantastic weekend!!

please come and have a look at my Instagram ( there are hundreds more recipes on there too !!)

I’ll try and update some more recipes on here , after I’ve gone and helped my mum & dad with lambing !!

much love !!

once I get to 10,000 followers, there is going to be a huge giveaway , to say Thankyou ❤️! ( I’m a bit excited!!)



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