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Low carb Cottage pie

This was so tasty .....

I Thought I’d share my recipe today of this ,As I’m sunday Batch cooking some low calorie & carb cottage pies for the freezer or fridge .. to help keep me on plan this week ..

.And it may help with ideas for others ??.. I really hope it does ! Xx


I made these with ...


700g lean mince ( 950 calories 0 carb)

100g chopped onion ( 42 calories & 10g carbs)

100g chopped carrots (41 calories & 9,5g carbs)

100g chopped leek ( 40 calories & 5.5g carbs )

100g chopped suede ( 36 calories & 8.1 g carbs)

2x garlic cloves (5 calories & 1 g carbs)




I put the mince in a pan and cooked until browned with a spray of @frylighthq , then added all chopped veg and seasoning and 100 ml water and cooked off until veg was soft ..


Once cooked I put 100g in each individual container .


In the meantime I chopped up a celeriac until soft , drained and crushed

Then I topped each container with 100ml reduced salt @bistogravyuk gravy which was 26 calories and 4.2g carbs

And topped each with 100g of the crushed celeriac ( 42 calories & 9g carbs )


So I have 7 portions working out at

..( 227 calories each & 18g carb each ..

So for the occasional meal instead of a pack !.. #winning !


Just pop in oven to brown off and cook and you have a lovely meal for those times you need !!..


So that’s what I’m doing ..

What are you up to 😊??..


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