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Low carb coffee & walnut cake anyone !?

Really nice and low calorie too !!

#protein baking !..


I didn’t post my @exantediet pick this morning.. as I left it at home !! Aaaarrrggghhhh ! 😔🤪😔🤪

But .. I made a coffee cake yesterday, to have a piece with my coffee after my run !!.. And as I was up & at work very early today I’m having a bit with my brew now !!.. before I head back to work !!..

I made it using @piurasuperfoods vegan protein blend @nkdliving Natural Erythritol with some coffee granuals and @skinnymixesuk syrup ..


So much yum !..


And the WHOLE cake is only ...


334.7 calories & 15.3 g carbs

( and nearly 10g of that are from the sweetners which some people don’t count )

I cut as 6 x big slices at 55 calories & 2.5g carbs a slice !!



1/4 cup vegan protein blend ( 30g) -114 calories 1.2g carbs

2 x tablespoon coconut flour (15g) - 99 calories 3.6g carbs

20g @grahams skyr 13 calories & 0.6g carbs 10g @nkd living natural Erythritol 2.7 calories 9.8g carbs

Tablespoon coffee granuals

2 x eggs 104 calories

1 x tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp xanthan gum

Tablespoon of sugar free caramel syrup

20 ml unsweetened almond milk

4x walnuts to decorate!! ( if you wish , but remember the few extra calories!)

Mix altogether to make cake batter and cook in oven at 160 for 30-35 minutes ( until toothpick comes out clean )

Hope everyone is doing well !

Happy Wednesday!!

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