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Low carb bread recipe..

I mad

e some again for this week & thought I’d share again incase you haven’t seen ..

As I was making lots of things with eggs yesterday to make sure none of them went to waste , I made my gorgeous #keto bread loaf I like to do

I’ve done a few videos on how to make these ( in my reels)

But here is just a picture and a simple recipe..

12 medium egg whites & 6x egg yolks ) 540 calories & 6g carbs)

50g @myprotein egg white powder (168 calories @ 2.6 g carbs )

THATS IT !!!!.....

I’m addicted to this recipe as it always blows my mind ..

As That’s all that’s in it !!!

First of all preheat oven to 140 ..

Then , Separate the eggs carefully ( you don’t want any yolk mixed in yet )

Put the yolks to one side ..

Whisk the egg whites until stiff , adding the @myproteinuk egg white powder a little at a time ..

Once stiff ,whisk chosen amount of egg yolks & fold in carefully ( you don’t want to lose any air ) - now this bit depends on you .. I’ve used all the egg yolks before and I’ve used none at all ,but my preference is to use between 4 & 6 egg yolks per loaf .

(It all depends if I use the yolks for something else and how I’m feeling)


Then once mixed gently, Pop into a frylighted Bread pan and cook on 140 until browned ( mine took about 45 minutes) .. turn off oven and let sit in oven until cool so it doesn’t get shocked and sink when you get it out .

Then once cool , get out gently and place on wire rack to cool some more !..

Then cut and munch when you want , and also you can freeze it in portions to if you wish !..

And that’s it !

so simple really and so TASTY !

For those that have asked , It’s not quite cloud bread its much more “bread like “ and has a crust ! I first time I did it wasn’t expecting it to be as close to actual bread as it was !

My Mind was blown & I was hooked !

Calories for this whole loaf is 540 calories & 5g carbs !!

And I reckon I’ll get about 12 large slices out of this one today

That’s roughly 45 calories & 0.5g. Ish carbs a slice !

* note i found it doesn’t toast in a toaster as it will burn too quick , But I toast mine under a grill for toast , or in a toastie machine for a toasted sandwich.. just keep an eye on it ! ..

I’ve put more recipes in my guides too , on my Instagram if you want to see !

❤️ ( I will get them transom here soon , I promise!) ‘

But in the meantime…


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