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Low carb bagels .. !!!! So so so so good !!!

I made some low carb Bagels , by adap my low carb bread recipe !!! ....

50g @myprotein egg white protein powder ( 167 calories & 2.6g carbs )

6x egg whites (102 calories & 4.2g carbs )

3x egg yolks (165 calories & 1.8g carbs )

10g @thebagelbakery bagel seasoning ( 37 calories & 0.9g carbs)

12 bagels

471 calories & 9.5g carbs

39.2 calories & 0.7g carbs EACH BAGEL !!!!

Separate eggs

Mix the egg whites and egg white powder until stiff ( it goes stiffer than the bread version as your using more protein powder , so the bagels get that bagel type texture at end xx )

Then gently fold in 3 egg yolks ( save the rest in fridge for something else )

Put in a piping bag and put into greased donut/ bagel pan

Sprinkle @bagelseasining on top

Cook in oven at 140 for 30 mins ( or until set)

Turn off oven and let sit for 15-20 mins before removing to avoid sinking ...

store in airtight container until you want to munch !! Really are VERY good !!

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