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Loose skin and wobbly bits

No hiding now !!!

Loose skin, wobbly bits & early weigh day ...

I have had a few people ask me have you got loose skin ..

As it’s easy to cover up your wobbles & wrinkles in clothes , I thought I’d get it out to show you 😱😱! X ...(oh god... now THIS is scary .... !!!)

Nearly a year ago I was morbidly obese and I had 9 -10 stone to lose to get me to a healthy BMI , and thought that I would have to end up carrying my skin around in a large bag on my shoulder if i succeeded ... and it nearly stoped me doing the diet !...

But I decided that I would deal with my skin as and when it became a problem... 11 months to the day and here’s the loose skin I have ... it’s wrinkled, and I have it.. but not as bad as I thought It would be !!! 😊.. so Don’t let the fear of it put you off ... I’m on a mission now to tone up my wobbles and I’m finding it a therapy(of sorts) , to do ! .. so fingers crossed 🤞

On another note I lost another 1lb .... so I have 4 weeks left until my year anniversary on Exante.. and 4lb left to lose to reach my 9 stone off !!! I’m now weighing 13st 10lb from 22st 6.5lb

Absolutely EVERYTHING is crossed !!!

Stay strong xx

And stay happy ! Xx

And please come and follow me on my Instagram if you can ! Xx

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