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Looking back to progress forward

I needed a kick up the bum today !!


It’s been a strange week so far .. Curveballs being thrown a plenty and it’s been a bit more difficult to stay focused.. I can’t get to the gym ( like many of us ) & ive also hurt my back , so it’s not helping, ( mind you , I’m very thankful it’s not as bad as it could get before I lost weight ) but know I’ve still got to be careful, I don’t know about you, but to me it can feel like I’m not being proactive .. and get me down ...

So Today , I’ve done a bit of light excersise ( as much as my back allows ) And I decided to do a comparison picture in the same place I started my journey!...

It can help me massively, to kick my bum back into gear , get my positivity back , & really see how far I have come !..


I remember taking the picture so clearly , I was mortified ,and I didn’t even want to show my face to myself, let alone anyone else ...


And it always amazes me , that until you look at today’s picture, you don’t even see the bench that was behind me all along !!...


So I suppose , what I’m trying to say is , just take every step of your journey, one day at a time .. good & bad , if we just do the best we can and keep trying , change our habits and try and be healthier, we are WINNING & eventually it all starts to add up & get us moving in the right direction !!..

Have a fantastic day !!

And remember how Truly Awesome you actually are ! Xx

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