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Looking back to move forward

Sometimes we all need a little boost !...


.Looking back to keep moving forward



How is everyone??..

I’ve woken up , feeling a bit low today !.. (we all have those days I suppose) ..I think I need to have some TLC and maybe find time to pamper myself this week !.. I’ve had so much going on & I’ve been working an awful lot , that I feel tired and drained ! 🙃🙃🙃Lol ..

But , I’m sure I’m not the only one , we are all under extra pressure at the moment, one way or another !!.. .. it’s time to take a deep breath .. relax and find my fighting spirit again !!💪💪💪😘.....

So today I’ve done a comparison picture to remind myself how far I have come !!...

The journey has been eventful & not been an overnight success, and it’s definitely had its ups & downs ..

But I do try and enjoy it each & every day , no matter what life throws at us , the good & the bad !!..

...And slowly but surely, it’s changing my life for the better !!..




Hope we all Have a fantastic day !!

And try & remember how Awesome you are ( coz you really , really are !)

...And remember , sometimes looking back ,can help you move forward !



Now .. I’m going to paint my nails after work today , to give myself a boost !!..

.. what colour shall I go !?!?!?😜😜😜

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