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Look for the sparkle

Inside your changing…

Sometimes the changes are inside ,

& it’s the smile in the eyes that says it all!

Take the time to look & see the sparkle.

Losing weight is a journey, that’s for sure , & it’s not only about the scales !

It’s about how you FEEL

It’s about how you see yourself.

It’s learning to love yourself .

Its really looking at yourself &realising your Amazing , full stop ,no matter what .

And Whatever plan your doing , or whatever journey your on,

….you are doing fantastic !

As you turn up every day & try ….. 💪

I know that Sometimes it can feel like a dance , that you feel like you take a few steps forward and a couple of steps back..

Heck , I think I’ve learnt to tango ,not just dance lol ,with all the curveballs I’ve had on my journey 😂

But we have to look at every little positive we have , not just the scales , as its the little bits that can keep us going !

If that’s a feeling of being healthier or that your taking less painkillers, or that you feel more confident and a bit more smiley , then that’s your motivation,if it’s the jeans you couldn’t get on become a bit easier to do up , or a skirt that suddenly fits , then that’s your motivation too!

They are the things that mean your winning, they are the things that will keep you going .

So , If you ever feel you are having a few bad days , or the scales aren’t moving ,or your motivation is stalling , you aren’t the only one ..

Just remember how amazing you are & find that sparkle !

You are doing great !

It’s just a bump in the road .

Just Keep trying , one day at a time !

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