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Learning to love myself

Thinking positive and staying happy !

“Your body hears everything your mind says .. stay positive! 💪”


I thought I’d do the appearing bench picture today !..

It’s a bit of a quick pose as it was very early and I’m very tired ! Lol .. ( I’ve got lots of stuff on this week so I’m out early and back late !!... and I’m not getting proper time on here to catch up 🙃😏... so I’m really looking forward to Friday!!) lol ..

But it always amazes me this one , it can get me thinking positive again , as we all need to have a reminder sometimes!, it’s the same place I took the first picture at the start of my journey..and how on the first picture,when I took it I didn’t even realise there was a bench behind me !.. )

It’s a picture that shows me how I’ve lost not only weight , but the sadness I had inside .. ( I really was very sad , but pretending everything was ok ...

But now I’m finding my smile & a bench too 🤪!!!


Keep going !!

Stay positive...

We can do this ! 💪💪❤️

Don’t forget I post daily on my Instagram!( it would be great if you follow on there too !!)

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