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Kiwi & banana Icecream

Just 2 ingredients!

Kiwi Icecream…

Just 2 ingredients!!!!

You know I hate waste and I’m always trying to use up the things I have in before I shop again ..

Well I just had this for my #brunch today ..

Kiwi & banana smooth creamy “Nicecream “…

So if you have bananas and fruit you have to use up , why not try this ! …….

I did mine with kiwi , but you can use whatever you have !

Cut the bananas in pieces & put them in a freezer bag to freeze them overnight

Put the frozen banana pieces in your high-speed blender.

Peel a kiwifruit , then and add the fleshy bit to the frozen banana pieces.

Pulse or blend until smooth & creamy !

Put the ice cream in the bowls enjoy immediately!

2x medium bananas- 210 calories 53g carbs

Kiwi - 46 calories 11g carb

I shared with the Hubster !

Day 21 of the #losingit4summer challenge and im determined to have a good day so I’m going for some exercise this afternoon before film night tonight!( hehe I’m so rock ‘n’ roll ! 🤪😂)

Happy Saturday !

How’s everyone doing?

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