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Keto style peanut butter, banana & chocolate brownies

A loaded brownie made with healthier options..

Healthier Keto style Peanut butter & Banana , chocolate brownies ..

I thought I’d show these as my kitchen is out of action whilst having a makeover…

I made these at the weekend…

I always like to have a healthier version of something I love in on a weekend..

So I made these … 🤤❤️

Mix together:-

15g coconut sugar (60 calories & 12g carbs) ( you can use sweetener of choice but I had coconut sugar to use up !.. )

12g chocolate peanut butter (45 calories & 3.5g carbs)

10g almond butter ( 65 calories & o.6g carbs )

5x drops @skinnyfoodco chocolate & peanut butter flavour drops

100g almond flour ( 642 calories & 21g carbs

10g @hollandandbarrett organic cacao powder (36 calories & 2.2g carbs )

2 small mashed ripe bananas ( 180 calories & 46g carbs )

@pureheavenlychocolate ( half a bar chopped up) ( 64 calories & 6g carbs )

1x Tsp baking powder

1x egg (51 calories )

A few chewy banana pieces ( from @hollandandbarrett ) chopped and mixed in if you wish too !

Put in a lined brownie tin and then melt..

5g @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread(25 calories & 2.7g carbs )

15g @skinnyfoodco banana peanut butter(94 calories& 1.7g carbs)

..and swirl on top ! …

Then cook in oven at 160 until cooked but slightly spongy on top , slightly gooey .. mine took 25 mins ..

Lower carb , lower calorie and So good !!! ….

*I originally cut into 9 pieces, but it’s very filling & chocolatey so I ended up chopping into 18 !…

All in all it totals 1262 calories & 95.7g carbs

So cut into 18 it was ..

70 calories & 5.3g carbs a piece !..

Very lush … and healthier than most shop brought!

Don’t forget I’ve added some recipe sections on my Instagram ( I’ll add them here soon , but if you want a look , pop over to my Instagram!…


And don’t forget I’ve got discounts on some of these items too ..


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