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Keep up to date with my IGTV

(And please feel free to message any questions to me and I might pop them in a question & answer every now & then if I can ! ! Xx )

If you follow me on intstagram , then don’t forget to go to my IGTV section .. I’ve been doing videos on there alongside my Exante journey !... With things I do , or I have tried or what I’m doing may help in some way !?!? ,, I hope it dies ! As it helps me to blog !!

There are quite a few to watch and I’ll be updating more often from now on ! Xx

It’s the icon I’ve circled in the picture, incase you don’t know where it is !! Xx

my insta is

link is at top of page xxxx

#exante #exantediet #exantefamily #ww #slimmingworld #vlcd #losingweight #weightlossjourney #findingmyhappy #diet

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