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Keep reminding yourself how awesome you are!

Times are tough , and we have to keep ourselves happy & motivated..

#selflove #selfcaresunday I’m 45 in exactly a month ... and I’m having a reflective day today and reminding myself of my journey so far on @exantediet .. It’s definitely been a strange few months hasn’t it ?.. life has definitely been difficult, throwing curveballs at us from every angle .. and sometimes it can be hard to keep going , to stay strong, So every now & then I think we should take a breath and look back and see how far we have come !... It can keep us centred & re-focus us .. ( it definitely can me ) It can make us remember how Awesome we are and help us realise that we are on a very important journey for ourselves, that it’s not an overnight fix and may take a bit of time , we will definitely have our own ups and downs but it’s worth it in the end ! ... ...we are worth it ❤️


I’m still on my journey, and I’m enjoying every moment x .I have my ups and downs like everyone else but , with the help of the community on here , I get through it xx

❤️I hope that whoever reads this reminds themselves that they are worth it too !.. and that you have got this !💪 You can do it ... this weight loss community on here has made me realise that we can do it together !!

I’ll be adding lots of tips and recipes on my grid & page & YouTube this week !!

on my Instagram too..

we got this together 💪💪💪💪



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