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Keep Going !!

The smiles are worth it !!

It’s the smile in the eyes that keeps me going !!

Losing weight is a journey, if you ever veer off the road, do a u turn & just head back in the right direction!

.. I love this saying , it’s very true & I’ve had to tell myself it more than once !..

As you know , I’ve had a few bumps on the way .. but I’m still en route to my goal !..

Still here , still trying ❤️

I think sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to get it done too quick , we can beat ourselves up to easily for the odd bump & slight detour we have , we can lose track & we forget the why & we forget to enjoy the journey we are on .

And it’s a hell of a journey…

It will have ups & downs , highs & lows .. bumps & hiccups.. but it’s a journey that’s definitely worth taking for ourselves xx


I’m getting some exercise in early this morning, determined to keep my mindset right & my Dolphins happy 🐬🐬🐬🐬..( endorphins) 🤣

I’m Digging deep , to get my exercise mojo back , so day by day , I’m happier & smilier !..

I don’t know about you , but It’s been hard to get back into the zone after Christmas, but one day at a time I’m still here , still trying ..

And that’s all we can do ..

Keep trying & don’t give up ..

We have come so far already , just by still being here …

So , Don’t give up , We CAN do it !

Wear that smile on your face as you have earned it !

As always , my DM,s are always open , ( I’m still trying to catch up , but I always get there in the end ! … )

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